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Luang Phor Kron
Author : Stan Thong / Chris Jones

Tok Raja aka LP Kron of Wat Ban Sek (Wat Uttamaram)

           Luang Phor Kron is best known for his Pitda amulets made from sacred powders, neua wahn and rak. These pims are thought to offer powerful protection from all dangers.

Such is the demand for these amulets that prices have risen well beyond all but the wealthy.

It should be of no surprise that fakes and copies  dominate the market and in particular for his earlier pitda amulets.

Popular  (Affordable ) LP Kron Amulets

I dont profess to be an expert as the majority of Luang Phor Kron amulets are well beyond my budget and I suspect this would be the case for most people. 

There are however a number of amulets blessed towards the end of his life and indeed posthumously that are fairly inexpensive in comparison to his earlier pims that can literally cost a small fortune.

Here I list a selection of some of the more popular amulets that are generally within the budget of the average collector, but even some of these are now becoming expensive. 

The list is by no means complete and I am sure to add some further examples at a later date.

1. LP Kron Tong Daeng Luang,  base filled with Puttakhun Powder, the same used in original Pitda amulets. Blessed at Wat Khao Or (Posthumous) LP Kron originally studied here.

2. Rien LP Kron, Wat Chalong Uttarmaram  BE 2500...probably one of the more expensive pims in this list.  Also know as Rien Reun Reak (1st generation)

3. Phra Pong LP Kron Punp Lang Mai Tao. Mai Tao translated means cane. Blessed in BE 2505 Wat Bangsek. I have been asked this same question numerous times...Yes this pim was chanted by Tok Raja for about 1 year in fasct between 03 and 05. These pims are now becoming increasingly scarce, almost impossible to find. Puttakhun powder used in these pims is an absolute substitute for the more expensive Pitda amulets. Highly Recommended.

4. Reup Lor Bohran Na Luang, Blessed in BE 2500 Wat Bangsek. Neua Thong mixed with Samrit.

5.Phra LP Kron BE2505 Wat Bangsek... one of the most attractive amulets and obviously in high demand...prices of this pim are rising in value all the time. I would suggest you acquire an example before its too late.

6. LP Kron, Wat Changhai BE 2505... Although a posthumous amulet this pim is highly desirable as it was blessed by LP Tim, a  friend of LP Kron. In fact this amulet is quite rare and much sought after. In fact its rarer than most of the LP Kron pims of the same year. Well worth acquiring if you should be presented the opportunity. The amulet is stamped to both sides with Wat Bangsek Kalantan and Wat Changhai.


7. LP Kron, Reup Lor BE 2504 

(Compiled from the biography written by Stan Thong)

Khron Ratchanaren (known as Tok Raja) was born on Thursday December 1, BE2419 (1876). He was sent to Wat Uttamaram by his parents when he was 12 years old to learn Buddhism and Thai language. He stayed with Archan Lok who was the temple Chief Abbot at that time.

Tok joined monk hood (Bhikkhu) on Jun 15, 2438 (1895) when he was 21 years old. The ordination took place at Wat Uttamaram and given a Buddhist name known as Punnaksuwanno

After becoming a monk, Tok stayed at Wat Uttamatam for two phansa after that Tok traveled to Southern Thailand to learn Pali language and at that time is known as the big book. Tok was resided at Wat huaphom Nai in Songkhla and learnt Buddhism in greater depth. He also learned "Phrakhatha vertmon" which consist of "Khamphi Mulkachai" and "Khamphi Thammadboth" in Wat Huaporm Nai as well as Vipassana Kammatharn technique in Songkhla for 15 years. 

In the year 2449 BE, Tok was appointed Chief Abbot of Wat Huaporm Nai. Once back from Thailand, he became the Chief Abbot of Wat Mai Suwankhiri for 6 years before been transferred back to Wat Uttamaram and became the Chief Abbot  in year BE 2468 BE. 

In the year 1962, he was appointed as an Abbot of Wat Uttamaram and the subsequent year in 1963 he was conferred the ecclesiastical title of Phra Vicaranayanmuni Nayaka Maha Thera by the Buddhist Sangha Council of Thailand. Due to his enormous and invaluable contributions and services to the society of Buddhist teachings in the state of Kelantan, he was elected to be the Lord Abbot of Kelantan by the Royal Highness, the Sultan of Kelantan.

On the 30th day of November 2505 at 6.45 am, Phra Vicaranayanmuni Nayaka Maha Thera passed away peacefully at the age of eighty four (84).

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